Evidence for Health (E4H)

Working with MSI and HISP SA on a 5-year Evidence for Health (E4H) project supported by USAID. This project is aimed at straightening the HMIS and enhance the culture of information use for decision making at all levels in the health sector. HISP ZM is a sub in this USAID funded 5 year project Lead by MSI, A Tetra Tech Company. The project is aimed at strengthening Zambia’s health management information systems (HMIS) to work towards improve the quality, timeliness and accessibility of HMIS data at all levels of the government (e.g. from the health facility level to the national level. Focus is on a comprehensive program of support for HMIS policy and standards, data quality assurance and improvement, and training. The project also focuses on strengthening HMIS component interoperability and knowledge management to share learning across all stakeholders. The project will also support USAID in expanding their internal evidence base through improving and expanding implementing partners’ contributions of data and learning to inform decision making. The project is working closely with the MoH at National level, with project Staff in Central, Copperbelt, Northern and Luapula provinces.