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About us

HISP ZM was established under the laws of Zambia as a company limited by guarantee. It was founded in 2015 by a team of multi-disciplinary professionals with over 30 years of experience in health information systems; monitoring and Evaluation; and technology.

HISP ZM is a non-profit company dedicated to the development and implementation of sustainable and integrated Health Information Systems. The systems must serve to empower communities, health workers and decision makers in order to improve coverage, quality and efficiency of health services in Zambia and internationally.


Committed to expert services


Designing and implementation of sustainable and integrated programs and Information Systems that empower governments, organizations and communities to improve quality and efficiency of service provision within and outside Zambia.


HISP ZM is a leading information systems organization devoted to creative innovations and continuous improvement of health systems.

  • Honesty & Integrity - we provide real service which cannot be bought or measured with money
  • Customer Oriented - our clients come first in our business which we can only attain by having a first class team of employees and partners
  • Continuous Improvement - we always take a certain portion for improvement of our work.

What We Do

HISP Zambia focuses on design and implementation sustainable and integrated programs and information system solutions that are sustainable and support journey to self-reliance. HISP Zambia advocates use of information for evidencebased planning, decision making, policy formulations and services improvement.

Program Research

We have experience in diverse programs and projects in Zambia & across Africa

Program Design & Support

We use faculty-led or capacity processes to bring together health and technology experts to create data-informed material that places the user at the center.

Program Management

We use cutting edge tools to bring out beneficial change and added value to help you meet unique goals & objectives while closely working with teams.

Data Management

We provide data collection and analysis services of qualitative, quantitative and financial projects as well as dashboards that bring data to life.

DHIS2 Installation & Support

We offer DHIS2 Server Administration, customization, support, data management, integration with external systems, app development, Research & Monitoring.

M&E Framework Development

Monitoring & Evaluation enhances effectiveness of programs by capturing sufficient data to review progress & impact of work while adopting best practices.

Institutional System Strengthening

The key to success is focused, intentional and tailored institutional capacity development strategies that align institutional ambitions with resources and time.

Organisational Development

Our oraganisational development practice involves an ongoing, systematic process of implementing effective organizational change in applied sciences focused on understanding and managing organizational change. Experts in systems, organizational learning, structuring of intuitions for decision-making.

Tailored Solutions

We also offer information technology solutions such as development of apps, websites, systems design and custom training materials. Intergrated financial management solutions, patient/client management, water & sanitation monitoring systems, trackers for pupils etc.

Real & Impactful Solutions

We aim at solving real life problems relating to information systems, and simultaneously contribute to building sustainable capacity in the within and out Zambia.

Our Guiding Principles

Self-reliant & Sustainable Solutions

Our flagship products include DHIS2, OpenMRS and others, all open-source software platforms being evolved by a global community based on the principles of global public goods.

System development, research and capacity building

We work within an action research framework that combines research, training, data management and data demand and use. .

Part of the HISP Network

We are part of the global and regional HISP network since 2014 and we help expand national and regional networks within and out Zambia

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We provide services in Health, Agricuture, Community development and Education.